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Getting Started


budgetzero is under active development. You may encounter bugs and issues.

What is budgetzero?#

budgetzero is a free, open-source, privacy-friendly, offline-first budgeting system.

Feature Requests/Bug Reports?#

You can report issues or request features by filing an issue.

You can also post on r/budgetzero.

How to use?#

There are multiple ways to use budgetzero.

1. Official Web App#

Use the web app hosted at All data is stored client-side in the browser.

This is the easiest way to get started and see if budgetzero works for you. You can always migrate your data over to a different option later.

2. Desktop App#

Install a desktop app. Currently supporting Windows and Mac desktop apps.

3. Self-host the Web App#

Self host the web app. Since budgetzero runs completely client-side and stores data in-browser, self-hosting is very easy to setup.